About Us

NEON DREAM is a small, mama-owned and operated gift shop for babies + kids.  Here we love all things unique, stylish, and high-quality with a focus on organic and sustainable products.  With the abundance of beautiful children's shops and products available to us, it's so easy to get overwhelmed searching for that perfect gift.  

That's where we come in... our goal is to explore and sort through both newer and well-known brands and products to find our absolute favorites to share with you.  We are an edited collection of children's goods featuring an ever-changing landscape of contemporary brands.  

Meet the founder...

My name is Alee and I'm a boy mom to the funniest and sweetest 7 year old and the girl behind the scenes of all things Neon Dream.  For almost a decade, I worked in the Insurance industry but left to pursue a degree in Fashion Merchandising... only to end up back at my same company working in Commercial Insurance.  I wanted the best of both worlds, so here I am now... doing both! 

When I'm not working my day job or doing shop things, I'm likely exploring Austin, TX (where I currently live) with my partner and our son Kingston, throwing down in the kitchen (probably something spicy or garlick-y),  working on a DIY project, OR my guilty pleasure - relaxing and watching some reality TV.

We launched in September 2021 and are still very new in this space (baby and children's retail) - but we are so happy to be here and to be able to share our shop with you!

Thanks so much for checking us out.  We really hope you stay a while!

xo, Alee